Who we are

Established in 1981, Our Company has over 30 years experience in constructing large and small walk-in refrigeration for restaurants, warehouses, wholesales and food processing plants. We provide consultation to help customers determine the proper box size and equipment to suit their specific business operation. We also have engineers who specialize in refrigeration to size a system accordingly. Together, our team will design and construct the cold storage box to fit your business operation.

Our knowledge and experience does not stop with Walk In Refrigeration, our team also specializes in designing and installing HVAC systems for residential and commercial build outs. We have worked with many Construction Companies on large and small projects, some requiring unique HVAC setup thus allowing us to have the knowledge and the familiarity of the various HVAC designs available.

Over the years our team has been providing high quality service and installation with honesty and integrity in both the Refrigeration and the HVAC industries. We look forward in continuing our excellent service to existing customers and to gain the respect and trust of new customers in both industries.